Testimonials for the iPhone 6 Clear Case:

"The product is PERFECT! It's exactly what I wanted -- a simpler, durable, slim case that was clear so I could show off my new IPhone 6. All of the buttons and holes are in the proper place and work easily. It's very easy to get it in and out of my back pocket, which is important to me. And, the way they put their logo on it is very simple & classy. It was a great product for a great price...I love it!" -C.D.

"This case has been nothing but great- it's clean, elegant, and does the job it's supposed to. I really like the look of it on my iPhone and the Xuralux name on the back gives it a nice touch. The company has reached out to me personally to make sure I got the product and it works to my satisfaction." -M.H.

"I'm a new smart phone user and love the sleek design of the iPhones, I thought it was so odd that one had to cover that up with an external shell. I LOVE this clear case on my gold iPhone 6. It fits perfectly, easy to use and still preserves that sleek look while offering the protection." -P.C.

"Since i bought my iPhone 6, I bought almost 10 cases now and with clear cases, this is the 3rd one. So far, i like how it is made. Sturdy compare to my previous clear cases. I recently bought a lifeproof case together with this one but I decided to return it because I fell in love with this case. This one, you get a cover for the headphone jack. I would definitely rate this as 5 stars for the price of $10." -M.P.

Testimonials for the iPhone 6 Screen Protector:

"The screen protector is perfect- fits my iPhone 6, everything functions still with it on. And I really like this solid piece rather than the flimsy plastic stick on types- there's no room for error in putting it on. I've had problems with scratches on my previous phones so I knew I wanted one for my new 6. This protector has prevented all scratches. I even dropped it once in my kitchen, where the floor is made of tile, and the screen was fine. Everything that it advertised was accurate. Very pleased with this purchase." -N.H.

"I love it! I have never been a big fan of screen protectors, but this one is great! With a bigger phone I'm more accident prone and I found that this screen protector ACTUALLY protects your phone. I always throw my phone in my bag with my keys and now I don't have to be afraid of it getting scratched and loosing its ascetically pleasing design and look. AND I don't have any problem having it fit with any of my cases! (Which is a big deal for me). Everyone should get the product. Happy customer." -M.J.

"I've tried other screen protectors and found them difficult to fit properly. This one worked just great. Nice and clear and easy to use." -P.C.

"I don't really like screen protectors- the iPhone is such a good looking phone by itself, I never want to mess that look up. But I saw this product on my mom's phone and it is so sleek. The fact that it is one solid piece of glass is great- it's clean, doesn't mess with the look of the phone and so far has really done a great job protecting the screen, I often forget I have keys in my pocket as well. Overall a solid purchase for me." -M.H.

"I received my package quick, and absolutely love the way it looks on my phone. I would definitely recommend this product." -E.P.

"This is such a great product to have. Their customer service is so friendly and is always making sure that their customers are happy with the products they purchased." -J.S.